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A shortcut to improve TOEIC competenceLet’s achieve our desired goals through the Gachon TOEIC Camp!
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very year, Gachon University runs a TOEIC camp for enhancing students’ TOEIC competence. The camp focuses on an intensive 23 day course for students who want to improve their skills in a short period of time during the vacation, learn the basics of English, and get a high score in the test. They include those who need a TOEIC score to meet graduation requirements or for employment as well as those who want to participate in the Hawaii education training program in the future.
  TOEIC camp is held in Gachon University’s Kangwha campus, which is located in Incheon, whose environment is good for focusing on studying as it is mostly mountain and sea. The camp consists of TOEIC classes, group study, and self-directed learning for 23 days (about 195 hours), and the total expense is 480,000 won, as Gachon University covers accommodation and meals and students only pay for tuition. Next semester, in addition, students who participate in the camp will be awarded 250,000 won of scholarship, which means students’ expense is only 230,000 won.
  Let me introduce the benefits and advantages of Gachon TOEIC camp. First, participations in the camp program help you win additional credit in the Hawaii education training program. Second, the school supports all costs of dormitory fare and food expenses. Third, Gachon TOEIC camp awards an outstanding study group every week. Fourth, the camp offers numerous event classes (athletic meet, for example). Fifth, students can get counseling and be guided by a homeroom teacher and manager (one on one). Sixth, students are managed by assistants 24 hours.
  The camp basically offers beginner classes and intermediate classes. Beginner class is for students whose TOEIC score is below 550 and their goal is score up to 600. On the other hand, Intermediate class is for students scoring over 550, and their goal is to score over 800. The exclusive teaching system allows close interaction between student and teacher, so students can get better education advice.
  TOEIC camp has a detailed weekly schedule. TOEIC LC & RC are scheduled before lunch, and in the afternoon it is time for self-directed learning and TOEIC LC & RC again. After dinner, they do self-directed study and group study. There are mock TOEIC exams every week, and sometimes there are meetings with seniors or athletic meets which help students feel less tired. The last week provides various events and a party.
  You might want to check the rules and regulations of the TOEIC camp. The first rule is that of confinement during the camp. Second, students who are not in their rooms during midnight roll call are sent back home immediately. Third, students are strictly required to observe the rules, such as midnight roll call and classroom hours. Related to this, penalty points are imposed: Students are given 10 minus points when they have delivered food or eat out. Minus 5 points are imposed when they go out after 11:00 pm, go out without notice, are late for roll call, or not have a name tag with them. You can only complete the camp with less than 15 penalty points. On the other hand, there are also scholarship regulations. Awards for groups and leadership, and athletics competitions are presented at the award ceremony. Prizes for group and leadership are given a total of 3 times for each class.
  To participate in the TOEIC camp, it’s mandatory to join its online café (café.daum.net/gcels), as all the important notices are posted there.
  Kim Min-A, an Urban Planning major who started her undergrad in ’11, participated in the TOEIC camp last August: “At first, it was hard because of the tight schedules. But, after gradually improving myself, I felt really great.” Lee Hyun-Joo, a Chemical Engineering major who started her undergrad in ‘10 took the intermediate class at the camp: “This is my second time at the TOEIC camp, and I can see there is more support and more help than before. Other students are also studying very hard, and I think the TOEIC camp is a perfect place to study TOEIC.”
  The TOEIC camp is a shortcut to improving TOEIC competence. It’s only 23 days at a reasonable price. Students can achieve the goal on their own and feel the sense of achievement. Though Gachon University opens TOEIC camp every year, some students are not aware of this and some students simply do not try. Through this opportunity, I hope that more students consider and experience the TOEIC camp.

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