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Investment Techniques, How to Start?For Those Who are Starting in Investments!
Lee Han-na  |  heid33514@naver.com
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Updated : 2011.09.09  11:08:47
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Investment Techniques, How to Start?
For Those Who are Starting in Investments!
  In modern society, there are few people who haven’t heard the term, ‘investment techniques’. Everyday books about investment plans and information techniques are published and financial articles fill the internet. You may start to ask yourself “What on earth are ‘investment techniques’ and why do we need them?” The answer to that question, ‘why do we need them?’ is that the day will come when we need to start preparing ourselves for the future ahead of us. We need to start saving money economically, and the best way to do that is by investing at an early stage. I would like to introduce two books: 1. The Skills of Saving and 2. Investments People in Their 20s Should Do.
  The Skills of Saving focuses on saving money. Everyone knows that saving is the foundation of investments. Many people also know that saving money is the safest way to retain money, but savings accounts don’t always bring about successful results. There are many different ways to save such as, savings plan-installments, tax-free savings, subscriptions, or pension investment products. All we really need to do is find the way that best suits our personal needs. This book contains information about savings plans, techniques for saving money, and bad money saving techniques. The author also talks about his own personal stories which help the reader more easily understand skills for saving.
  However, the current base rate for savings is about 3%, remarkably low compared to our parents’ generation, which was about 15~20%. In an age of low interest rates, it is very difficult for us to save   from pure interest. The second book, Investments People in Their 20s Should Do, focuses primarily on investments because it says that people in their 20’s and investing have something in common; courage and the will to take risks. The author states that today’s twenty year olds can make ‘seed money,’ and they also have plenty of time to do so. This is what is so special about the young people today. This book definitely provides helpful methods that will lead you to successful investments.
  These two books have some common key points. The first key point is   having a consistent mindset and patience. In investments, there are some people who are lucky enough to earn large sums of money in short period of time, but that’s a rare occurrence. The keys to a successful investment is by ‘thinking that you are in for a long marathon,’ which basically means to be patient. The second, is to set specific goals. Don’t have a mindset of earning a lot of money, but set a specific amount of money that you want to save instead. Also have a motive for why you want to save up. For what purpose do you need savings? And last but not least, don’t waste money on futile things. Spend your money wisely and always have economical sense. By thinking economically, we can improve our investments. So use public transportation instead of driving, and eat in, not out. Small things like this can add to become a major boost, so be smart and make the right choices.
  If I were to recommend something to our fellow college students it’s this, take courses that involve accounting or economics. In    order for us to become used to investments, we should get accustomed to the economy. Furthermore, you should have some knowledge in finance as well. By taking accounting or economic courses you can acquire the knowledge of how to invest much more easily. Don’t miss the chance to earn your own money and prepare yourself for a bright future. The important thing is to succeed. The map is drawn for us and the directions are given, all we need to do now is live up to the challenge and start walking towards success, step by step.


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