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Hottest athletic carnivalGachon Style Festival
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achon Style Festival took place at Global Campus Stadium in May 8th, 2013. Director of the ministry of Public relationship of the Gachon student council provide opportunity for colleges of Gachon University to cooperate each other. There were soccer, foot baseball, Gong-gulligi, tug of war, ballon pillars, horse fighting, relay running, etc as the main events.
  Bibimbap making festival which Principal Lee Gilyeo her self participated, followed by performance of military band heat up the spirits of students in the playground and announced the beginning of the main events.
  Soccer events which already finished qualifying match was held first. It was great match between Management college and IT college. Management college won the game.
  Foot baseball finals was match between college of Law and Depart of architecture and college of Law achieved the victory. Tug of war was started from the qualifying match. Each team was consisted of 30 men and 10 women. Two matches were held at the same time and it was single round match. Relay running also started from the qualifying match. For the qualifying match, 6 teams formed one group and up to third best teams in each group got to participate in main match.
  Individual competitions with prizes were held between main events and made the athletic carnival more interesting. Every college participated in Ballon pillars and college of art won the game. In Horse fighting finals, College of IT, in tug of war finals, College of Music won. In relay running, which is the highlights of the athletic carnival, College of human ecology achieved the victory. Cheer-gag prize was won by the college of bio and Korean-medical science. School of Music had the glory of achieving the all around victory.
  Despite the hot weather, lots of people whom participated in athletic carnival provided various opinions.
-Though it was a bit hot day, I could feel the energy and passion of the student of Gachon university.(Ahn-June-Sik, Department of software Design & Management, 13)
-It is sad that lots of people got to get participated but it wasn’t everyone.(La-Jon-Chan, Depart of architecture, 08)-It was good to see the cooperation and I would love to participate the carnival next year too.(Yeong-Jae-Sung)
-I hope this festival suits the purpose of the University, which is to unburden the tiredness, and only those who willing participates. Because not everyone enjoys the athletic activities. (Kim-Tae-Hoon, Depart of architecture, 13)

  According to the Director of the ministry of Public relationship of the Gachon student council, some events could not be held due to the lack of time. But it worth it because despite that it was hot day, lots of students participated the 1st college competing athletic carnival.
  In the Gachon Style Festival, we could feel the enthusiasm and cooperation of participated students. Trough the festival we hope that students of each college harden the sense of fellowship and that this festival becomes the cause for students to work for development of the school and one self. So why not enjoy the high spirits of the athletic carnival next year, whether you participated or not in this year.
A number of people
Student council gathering and pre peration
Complete preperation
Complete entry
 Entry of each college and distribution of bracelets
Foot baseball final
Openingceremony rehearsal
Check a path of movement
Opening ceremony
Entry of a president of a university. Speech of president. Bibimbap ceremony.
Soccer final
Game starts after the president’s ceremonial kick off
9 people in each college play relay-bowling. 3 persons at a time.
Tug of war preliminaries
The game progress is in same time. Game is consists of 30 men and 10 women.
Ballon pillar
Every college play in the same time.
Relay preliminaries
6 teams formed one group and up to third best teams in each group got to participate in main match. Consisted of 4 men, 4 women, 2 male professor and 1women professor.
Horse fighting
4 teams form one group. Last 1 team from each group gathers. 9 men and 3 women had a final match.
Cheering squad performance
tug of war final
Two teams have 3 matches total in each game. First two wins to win the game.
Relay final
6 teams won in the preliminaries have the final match
Cleaning Time
Cleaning up trashes.
Awards ceremony and Closing ceremony
Awarding and having closing address

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