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Great to participate in the Lecture of IntelligenceA lecture that contains the stories and wisdom of pre-eminent people.
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 Lecture of Intelligence is a course that invites well-known personalities as guest lecturers every week, and almost everyone in our college looks forward to participate in it. It’s interesting to listen to the lectures by famous people, and it becomes an even more special experience as students can ask questions and interact with the speakers. No wonder the course is extremely popular, filling up really quickly as soon as the enrollment period begins.
  In 2013, Lecture of Intelligence is revived, and the college believes that preeminent professionals in their own fields sharing their experiences and long-accumulated wisdom with the students would bring great results academically. The lectures are held in YE-Eum auditorium from 3 PM to 5 PM for two hours every Thursday, hosting famous professors and experts with different masters’ degrees.
  The course is designed to provide the sense of who and where we are in this globalized age, also helping us broaden our horizons. With the subtitle "Korea in the World, the World in Korea," these lectures will help students attain different perspectives of today’s fast changing world and different cultures assimilating into one. Instead of approaching with traditional methods using theory, the course puts more weight on sharing experiences. The guest lecturers include renowned experts and professionals in history, culture, economics, politics, science and sociology.
  On May 30th, a former anchorwoman and writer Mina Sohn gave a lecture, and she talked about her life stories and told us to follow our ambitions and set up the proper attitude for a better future. She began her lecture by telling us about her feelings of pity when young people asked her how they could find their true passions. She also shared her experiences of traveling abroad; by experiencing different cultures, she accepted that she could be different from others. Moreover, through traveling, she could probe deep down into herself and discover her passion and her great talents. The day after the lecture, a student Choi Hyun Jin said, "Through the lecture, I could meet Sohn whom I always admired. I really want to grow up to be like her."
  The table below is a schedule of lectures last semester. Past lectures from 2009 can be seen again on the Gachon University website.






Kim Young Ha




Park Jae Sun




Jung Jae Seng


Professor at KAIST and writer


Kim Jong In


 Korea Development Strategy Researcher Chairman.


Jin Sue Hee


Professor of Gachon university Former Minister of Health and Welfare


Kim In kwon


 Head of the hospital or a director of the hospital


Kim Young Se


E-NO DESIGN Administrator


Baek Young Seo




Son Min-A


Former anchorwoman and writer


Ha Kyem Yeol


Former Secretary General


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