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  Hello, everybody. I'm an overseas student from China. Now I'm studying tourism management in Gachon University. I'm a transferred student, and came to Korea in August, 2011. This is my first time to leave my home to come to a different country for studying, and I was very upset. Getting off the airplane, I got a big welcome from Korean teachers, who entertained us passionately. Then I was arranged to live in the dormitory. There are 4 students in our room; one is an overseas student who came with me, the other a senior student, another one a freshman Korean girl. We chatted a lot at the first meeting, and we like each other a lot, I especially like the junior Korean student. Even though I couldn't speak Korean well, she kept listening to me very carefully and answered all my questions in detail, which calmed me down from the first day. Thus, my campus life started.
  The beginning of my campus life in Korea was very busy. I got up everyday at around 7: 30, and had breakfast at the canteen on the 1st floor in the dormitory. There are various kinds of foods in the canteen, and they serve different food every day. In the beginning, I couldn’t accept the Korean food so much, however, gradually, I felt that the taste was great, especially the cheese rice, which I think is the most delicious one. There are very cute school buses in the campus, called "the beetles", because they seem like beetles in visual. Every day, they stop at the front of our dormitory at a fixed time. We can go anywhere in the school yard on them, which is very convenient for the students.
  During the class, almost each sentence the professor’s said can't be understood easily. The meaning of the text is not very clear, either. However, professors are very kind to the overseas students, answering all the questions with patience, and coaching us individually after class. I obtain more and more specialized knowledge and make progress every day, which has made me very happy.
  The life in school is fresh and interesting every day. Our school has organized various activities, such as, new meeting, the Mid-Autumn festival activities and so on. We can meet many friends from other countries by playing games, tasting delicious food and studying Korean culture together. All of us have a good time. Through a matching activity at the school, I met a very good Korean friend. She is a very lovely girl. We study and have meals together. She teaches me a lot Korean culture, and we have become very close friends.
In my free time, my favorite thing is to walk through every area of the campus with my friends. Each building looks different, and we always take pictures to record our beautiful smiles. We usually climb the mountain behind the school, which I like the most. Occasionally we can see fawns and squirrels on the mountain, and they are particularly lovely.
  There are various kinds of books in the library and we can find any book we want from there. I usually linger much time there. What's more, the electronic reading room that’s on third floor, there is very good computer equipment and audio-visual facilities. I often browse all kinds of information online and watch movies in the electronic reading room.
  How fast the time is. This is already the second year since I came to Korea. Two years ago, I was standing in this strange land alone, I came here by bus alone. Gachon University--the beginning of my Korean life, where I study Korean language and make many foreign friends. I am full of affection and appreciation to "her". Now I already know a lot about all the aspects of the school. And I have received many new coming juniors, teaching them many things and leading them to walk through the school yard just like I did before. With seeing them change from being ignorant to being mature, I also feel happy. This is my last semester in Gachon University. I hope I can have a good ending here. Moreover, I wish more students will come to our school and love here.


Wang Zhou, Dept. of Tourism Manegement

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