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School clubs go beyond schoolSchool clubs with the chance of winning awards and meeting various people
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  In our university, there are over 90 active clubs including bands, travelling clubs, and community service clubs. Students can find joy in school life and meet different people by joining clubs. Some students worry that their grades will be affected once they join clubs, because they believe they won't have time to study while participating in a club activity. However, many of the clubs in Gachon University has broken these misconceptions. Some clubs have already won many big awards, which lets us know that they aren't just an ordinary club. We would like to introduce some clubs with real talent.
  Above all, the athletic clubs have received many outstanding awards. Suk-won Jang, who is a member of the Taekwondo club, ‘Musataebu’, has won the gold medal in the National Taekwondo clubs’ athletic competition. In this competition, 1,072 students from 60 schools participated and our student proudly won the gold. The Kendo club also has won at various competitions as well as the Women's team awards at the Gyeonggido Kendo Club Competition and Seongnam Kendo Competition. In addition, our Badminton Club ‘Jeulbae’ has won in many individual divisions and team divisions, which requires unity. DongKyun Kim, the president of ‘jeulbae’ said, “Club activities don't affect our grades. If students enjoy such activities and keep up with their studies, it will not only improve students’ lives, but also reduce the amount of stress they get from studying.”
  Educational Clubs are attracting attention by claiming various prizes. ‘VIP,’ which is a Job foundation club, has won the top prize at the Seongnam Job foundation competition. ‘SIFE,’ an international business club, has participated in the national competition and placed third for four years in a row. As shown, club activities allow students to win various awards and make their school lives more vibrant. Hye-Ryang Park, a member of ‘SIFE’ said, “It’s more delightful to achieve big goals with people who are interested in the same things as I.”
  The clubs in Gachon University have grown enough to win big awards, and the door is open to all of us to join. Like the book, Succeed as You Play, written by Jung-Woon Kim, our society no longer wants a person who does nothing but study. The spotlight goes to the ones with various talents and brains instead. Now a new semester is upon us and students should try out for various clubs that they are interested in. If they happen to win awards in clubs, it will be like killing two birds with one stone.
Badminton Club ‘Jeulbae’

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