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  The acronym for National Public Radio, NPR is a nationwide news organization, which is mostly famous for its radio programs. NPR produces numerous programs---news, music, talk, and entertainment---and it works as a wonderful window through which audiences discover America, and helps improve English skills.
  Once you have visited its website, www.npr.org, you might want to navigate the whole page. At the top of the page, you can see the title bar that indicates the menus from which you can choose depending on your interest: Home, News, Arts and Life, Music, Programs, Listen, Hourly News, and Podcast. If you would like to just listen to NPR, just as you would do with your regular radio, you can choose the 24-Hour Program Stream under “Hourly News.” If you are short on time, however, the NPR Hourly News Summary will be a nice option. It is updated every hour, and is only five minutes in length.
  On the other hand, you can choose and use any report featured on the main Home page for the detailed practice of English. Most of the reports are uploaded with an audio file and transcript that you can download. You can check the most viewed report on the right side of the page, and by reading and listening to the report you can see the various facets of America as well as practicing your listening skills. What is wonderful is that the reports you can access on the website are of top quality in terms of journalism as well. From politics, arts, entertainment, health, science, technology to international news, NPR offers one of the most interesting, in-depth analyses for every issue it covers. By reading and listening to the reports on a daily basis, you will be naturally learning good writing techniques as well as building a critical mind.

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