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Even if life deceives you
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 Although I’ve been teaching communication for 20 years, still, communication is difficult. Because communication is directly related in human relation thing. Saying exaggerate, two different universes call ‘you’ and ‘I’ meet each other through communication. Once we strike, the danger and impact must be supermassive. Nevertheless, we always make relation with other people. This is human Inborn Demand. Mankind has desire which gives love, participate in a community, and influence our neighborhood.
 Among them, attribute which exchange love and build relationship is a rite of passage and privilege for young people. It is hard to imagine that one’s youth without love which make our heart flutter or painful. By the way, love doesn’t exist college students’ daily life anymore. Only dry life which doesn’t accept without thinking about GPA and get a job clearly seem. When I joke about love sometimes, students seem as if they saw luxury things that they can’t afford. Drama call ‘Understand of love’, at this moment, is a kind of answer book to me. Because it made me understand deeply how today’s young people think these days. At this point, (I want to be a ‘kind-professor) I summary this drama in one sentence. LOVE equal class issue! Bank that money rules the rank is background of ‘Understand of love’. And it expresses dating not as just romance, but as various class issue between each other. It shows that there is interest-relation in love, and the keyword is the theory of class ultimately. ‘Understand of love’ characters are bloody stuffy and hesitate their actions, it reveals these days’ reality that why our young people have no choice. I feel struggle because I find today’s college students in this drama. I already pitiful as I look students who were frustrated and wandering in front of high-wall employment. Even I talk about dating as a joke, they will take it as an idle sound.
 Especially, it’s nice to hear the buzzword 'Jung-KKeok-Ma (what's important is the unbreakable mind) these days. I feel youthful energy which try to spring up. I can see determined attitude that do not submit poverty, falsely differences, or degree, poor circumstances. Well, I know that only effort cannot handle the difficult present and there will be objections to who wants to be defeated. However, I want our students to remind the word 'Jung-KKeok-Ma’ which has a spiritual power as a short word. An explanation that short words have spiritual power can also be found from the perspective of actual communication. These are self-fulfilling prophesies that come true as they believe and say they are true, or the Pygmalion Effect that if you expect something with earnest wishes, they will come true.
 Then, what is the ‘unbreakable mind’ specifically? I don't interpret it simply as a strong mind that doesn't break or be wounded. Rather, I think it is a flexible mind that can return to itself even if it bends for a while in front of external forces.
 As you live your life, you learn that a strong person has the ‘endurance’ that is formed by the time you have endured and the accumulation of that time. And even though each one may have a different shape of inner endurance, it is not inherently strong, cold, and hard, but has something in common that it is soft and warm and close to the fragile side. People who have endurance has distance others who divide their life easily between success and fail. I also know how not to be swayed easily no matter what people say. I think the poem "Even if life deceives you," which contains Russian poet Pushkin's deep realization, shows what true unbreakable mind is.
Even if life deceives you.
Don't be sad or angry.
If you endure the days of sadness,
The days of joy will come.
My mind lives in the future.
And present is always distressed.
Everything is a moment and a passing thing.
You will look back the past which has passed with nostalgia.
 Humans are beings with hope for the future, but current difficulties are gateway which must go through to reach the future. Therefore, the mind seems to be broken because of the present, but in fact, it is because of the future. Our minds go to the future first and consider more importantly the days to come than now, but when we notice that the future will still be as painful as the present, our minds will be broken. Nevertheless, if you don't feel sad or don't be annoyed, you'll miss your past eventually. So, unbreakable mind is precious. The human relationship is beautiful of you regard unbreakable mind preciously. Have you lived a day today as my mind doesn’t broke? I'll give a applause of strength. 

▲ Dept of. Media Communication

Prof. OH Mi-Young

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