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Memories in Edmond
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 Hello, I'm Su-eun Kim who participated in the UCO exchange student program in the second semester of 2022. I wanted to have a new and diverse experience, so I challenged myself to become an exchange student. I think there are quite a few students who want to prepare to be exchange students, so I wrote to share my experience. Living alone for the first time in another country was of course not easy. I was worse at English, everything was unfamiliar, and I used to feel lonely often. To be honest, I think I spent a lot of time crying in the first few days of my exchange student life. However, I gradually got used to the new environment and was able to make many friends and live a happy life.
 To introduce UCO, it is located in Edmond, a small city in Oklahoma, USA. Edmond is a rural city, so there is not a variety of entertainment, but a safe and quiet city. At first, I wanted to live in a more urban place, but in the end, Edmond became a really precious place to me. UCO has students of various races. I think it's a big advantage to be able to make friends of various nationalities. Also, UCO is a school with beautiful scenery. All the facilities at UCO were very good. Quad, the dorm where I stayed, was clean and secure, even the public restrooms were well maintained, so I was able to live a safe and satisfactory life. And the students of UCO and the citizens of Edmond are nice, so they often come to help foreign students. And it was really touching experience that my American friends drove my in their cars to go somewhere and helped me with my assignments.
In particular, the fall semester of UCO is the moment when the semester begins. So, many events are held at the beginning of the semester. For about two weeks after the start of the semester, I was so busy participating in the school's events and it made me so tired that I fell asleep right after finishing the schedule. Through these events, I was able to talk with many people and meet new friends.
What I got from UCO is a valuable memory. The value of the experience as an exchange student can be explained by the fact that you can experience many things as a student in US. I think there will be many students who want to improve their English by joining an exchange student program. Obviously, it is true that your English will be better, but I recommend you to focus on having various experiences rather than only enhancing your English ability. If you decided to be an exchange student, I hope you can experience as much as possible and try to see the wide world.
I think there are some students who are still thinking about whether to participate in the exchange program. I dare to recommend that you go there. This is because it remains the most meaningful time of my four years of college, and I’m still very disappointed that Gachon university does not have a one-year course. If you have a chance, don’t hesitate to apply. I’m still missing UCO so much.


Dept of. Oriental Language and Literature

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