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My Career Discovered by ChanceDear students who don't have obvious path
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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 A lot of students must have thought about their careers. As it is a matter of determining our future for the next few decades, it is clear that we cannot run into conflicting with realistic problems although there is something we want to do. Beyond this, I think many students don't find what they like or what they need to do for a variety of reasons. I would like to recommend the lecture to these students. Instead of blatant comfort, this lecture, 'An accidentally discovered path', dissolves students' anxiety through the keyword 'coincidence'.

 As you can see in the introduction of this article or the title of this lecture, the keyword of lecture is 'coincidence'. It emphasized the coincidence through three cases, the actress Yoon Yeo-Jung, Ohtani Shohei, and Steve Jobs. Yoon Yeo-Jung wasn't an actress who participated in only commercial films for her pride, even though she was already famous. At first, she wanted to be famous, but since she wanted to challenge herself in various ways regardless of whether in commercial films or independent films, she developed the strength to take her career in a different direction. Ohtani Shohei, a baseball player, said 'When you take advantage of planned coincidences, you can face the best pathway.', and Steve Jobs said that 'Looking backward, my prior experience had a significant impact on my success. If I think of my experience as a dot, I succeeded because the connection of dots became a line.' We can find 'coincidence' in their cases.
 Since we know that 'coincidence' is an important factor, let's learn about the 'five skills changing coincidence into success' as suggested by career psychologist John Cromboltz. The first one is curiosity. We can find new opportunities for learning and exploring many things through curiosity. The second one is flexibility. It is also an important skill to change my attitude and behavior flexibly to the situation. The third is patience. We have to act patiently though there is a stumble in certain situations. The fourth is optimism. We need to pursue new chances and develop our confidence thinking that we can do it well. The last one is risk-taking. If we weren’t afraid of the uncertain result, the possibility of development would increase.
Then, what are some ways to plan coincidence and discover a career path? There are also five methods. First, it is checking the erstwhile situations again applying these five skills. The second one is searching for new chances, and the third one is exploring areas of interest or curiosity. Fourthly, think about what you want to do when luck comes, or how you can do it even if you don’t. The last is being faithful to the present. I hope students of Gachon change the coincidence into success and get chances to discover their career pathway utilizing these five skills.
 Before ending the lecture, the lecturer talked about the tale 'Rabbit and Turtle'. She said the reason the turtle won the race is that the rabbit participated in the race by looking at the turtle, but the turtle didn't care about the rabbit and went forward. If you advance in accordance with your situation like the turtle rather than being impatient to set your career pathway right now, there will be a synergy effect someday. I hope you become a person who believes in the possibility of the present and live your life faithful to the present. 
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