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Our Seoul Trouble, Addressing Housing Problems in Seoul.Gachon University Department of Media Communication OST Production, Campus Exhibition.
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 Do you know the word ‘beujade’, which is déjà vu backwards? It's a word that means 'seeing the familiar in a strange way'.
 The team ‘Our Seoul Trouble (OST)’ is a documentary production team from the Department of Media Communication at Gachon University who created the documentary ‘Beujade Seoul’ dealing with dwelling issues in Seoul using Beujade. On December 3 in 2022, this team held an exhibition of the same name on campus after the academic festival 'SCENE'. Through the exhibition, Team OST announced that the planning intention was to inform the reality of housing problems for the ‘2030 Generation’ and to urge interest, solidarity by introducing related issues and exhibitions to students.
 On the other hand, the ‘Republic of Seoul’ pavilion is an exhibition hall planned to use ‘Republic of Seoul’, which means criticism of all areas of politics, economy, society, and culture that are excessively concentrated in Seoul. It was impressive to see Seoul as diversely as possible and to reveal the other side that we hadn't discovered before. Among them, one the most impressive works was ‘Magnifying Glass’ by Hong Ji-hye (Media Communication 22). She expressed the centralization of the metropolitan area with a magnifying glass as an object.
‘Magnifying Glass’ by Hong Ji-hye (Media Communication 22)
 Lee Joo-hyeong (Media Communication 18), the team leader of the team OST and the team leader of this exhibition, said, “I came from the provinces because I wanted to come to Seoul, but when I lived in Seoul, the Seoul we saw was not so good. I planned the exhibition in the hope that people would not think too critically of Seoul or think only positively of it.” I wish I could have my own time to give,' he said, revealing the significance of this exhibition.
 The documentary ‘Beujade Seoul’ made by the team OST explains Seoul interpreted from the perspective of ‘young people’ who will lead Seoul in the future. Seoul, they say, is a land of opportunity, such as a place for employment and the country's largest and best infrastructure, but they are raising questions that the problems that occur in Seoul are not natural, citing the high house prices, poor environment, and difficulties in preparing for employment. The team OST, which stated that its goal is to provide a ‘unfamiliar perspective’, pointed out the overcrowded housing problem in Seoul and reminded us of the ‘survival problem’ that 2030 will face in the future. Face-to-face with the reality and thinking of alternatives through Beujade is the challenge of our young people provided by the OST.


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