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Our Attitude toward StocksThe impact of stocks on economic activities in their 20s
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.03.16  01:02:35
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 Things that can be done big’, ‘gambling’, ‘high interest deposits’, ‘investment methods that are difficult for ordinary people to make a profit’. These are all words that modify the word 'stock'. In this Campus Talk, I will investigate how Gachon University students, which are early to mid-twenties, have awareness of stocks and the frequency of participation today to find out how much stocks will play in their financial lives in their 20s in the future. The samples were conducted using a Google form for 23 Gachon University students, and a few samples were selected and interviewed.
People who don’t take a part in stock Market
Lee Ye-ji (Bio nano Department 22)
   I don’t participate in the stock market. The reason is that the risk of stock can’t ignore easily. This is because stock investment is an investment that requires carefulness and a lot of study.
Song Myeong-shin (Department of Smart City Convergence 22)
   I do not invest in stocks. I thought that I had only money after participating in the joint-stock market without being stupid. There is not much time to study steadily.
Hong Seo-yeon (Department of Media Communication 21)
  I also do not stock. I really want to do it, but it's annoying and I think it's too risky to start blindly.
10 people who checked ‘I don’t participate in stock’ said the reasons thar they did not participate in stock because of “anxiety about losing money” and “unnecessary risk taking.”
People who don’t take a part in stock Market
 13 people who said they participate in stocks, said stock investment is not only make simple pocket money, but also a “tricky” investment method because it requires sufficient experience and knowledge of the economy and society to make a profit.
Kim Seok-won (Department of Business Administration 18)
  I participate in stocks to earn pocket money while learning investment experience. The downside of stocks is that there are unpredictable risks and losses are accompanied, but I think the advantage is that you can make a profit through sufficient information and experience.
Kim Su-jin (Department of Painting-Sculpture 20)
  I am doing stocks to raise money and experience. If you do not have knowledge in various fields such as economy and society, I think it is not a very safe way to make money.
Shim Young-jin (Department of Media Communication 22)
  To raise money, you invest in stocks as if you were depositing money in a bank. She is investing by thinking of it as a deposit with a higher interest rate than the bank.
 I conducted a survey based on whether or not to participate in stocks, many students answered questions about stocks, such as 'wealth management methods for adults older than us', 'gambling to lose or gain money', 'investment methods that are difficult for ordinary people to make a profit', etc., overall, they perceived stocks as 'a high-risk gamble that requires prior preparation'. Nevertheless (though the reasons are various), it was calculated that 56.5% of the total participants in 20s were involved in stocks for the purpose of “pursuing profit.”
 In this Campus Talk, I investigated whether Gachon University students participated in the stock market. Will you engage in stock investing? If you want to start, you should carefully research the investment company and find out how transparent the financial management of the company has been. This is because, as many students have said, stocks are an investment method that is risky and requires prior studying.









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