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Winter Movies to Watch this Holiday Season!Share your special winter movie that brings back your memories!
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Who: Gachon Herald Reporter
When: 2022.09.03~2022.09.10
Where: Gachon Herald’s Instagram
What: Introduce and recommend a winter movie with your own memories along with the reason for selection!
Why: It’s December, a time to enjoy the end of the year / holiday season! There are so many well-known Christmas special movies that are super popular. But by briefly introducing and recommending one of your favorite winter (or a movie that is good to watch at the end of the year) movie that you personally found interesting or impressive, other students will get to know the movie that holds your own past winter/Christmas memories!
How: Upload a poster of a winter movie you want to share, along with a brief introduction to the movie and the reason for the recommendation as an Instagram story or post. When uploading, upload the hashtag #gachon_herald #gachonherald #special winter movie #yearend special.

Prize Winner: Choi Ga-ram


 It's a movie that I watched on Christmas when I was a kid. And it has left a strong impression on me. On Christmas Eve, a train that goes to the North Pole stops in front of the children's house, and the film begins by asking if the children are on board. The reason why this movie stayed strong in my head is because it is full of various and fresh scenes, descriptions, and productions that seem to have been directed with such amazing imagination, not just those cozy and cute vibes of Christmas. The theme that runs through the entire film is 'faith'. “Polar Express” is not a common Santa story or a simple Christmas movie, but I personally like it very much because I think it's a movie with a more complex, three-dimensional storyline, and it seems to be a movie that approaches to viewers very specially. And I would rather recommend to teenagers and adults than to young children!

Prize Winner: Lee Chaehyun
 The movie <Snow Buddies> is about five golden retrievers. These puppies living the lower-48 United States accidentally get on a plane to Alaska while playing pranks with each other. The story is about the five golden retrievers meeting an Alaskan husky (who is a sled dog) there, and winning a sledding competition in Alaska, where it is always full of snow. The screen itself is filled with the scent of snow and winter. It is a special movie that immediately comes to my mind whenever I hear the word “winter”. The area where I lived briefly when I was young was an area with a lot of snow. One winter day in my neighborhood, the snow piled up as high as a child's height, and schools were closed due to heavy snowfall. As being a kid at the time, I remember making a snow sleigh with my friends and watching this movie playing on TV after coming home, getting my cold hands and feet melted in the blanket!
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