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Let's Read a Book and Get a Scholarship!Introduction to the Central Library of Gachon University
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Updated : 2022.12.29  16:01:30
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 Gachon University Central Library has been operating an open library service since August 29, 2022. Open Library is a service that allows you to borrow and return new and popular books at Freedom Square. This made it easy for students to use library books. Gachon University has more than 1 million books, and I will introduce how to use Gachon University Library and various services for students who want to read more diverse books as well as open library books.

1. Location and Structure
 Gachon University has two libraries, the Central Library and the Electronic Information Library. Most of books are in the central library, and the electronic information library mainly focuses on the use of electronic data. This article focuses on the central library. The central library is located in the middle of a hill tho the school stadium. There are total of six classified archives on the first floor of the Central Library, an oriental book room on the second floor, a periodical and reference room on the third floor, and a thesis room and a western library on the fourth floor.

2. Books
 First of all, the conservation archive is a place where old books or low frequency of use are gathered. Although data cannot be freely used because it is operated under a closed stack, you can borrow books by passing the call number to the manager. Next one is the Oriental Book Room. There are domestic and oriental books in this room. In the serial publication room, there are regularly published publications such as newspapers, magazines, thesis books, and research reports. Several publications are available in the latest version each time, and additional materials such as sheet music and photo books can be found. The reference room on the same floor has reference materials such as dictionaries, maps, and legal books, not for reading through. The following is a Western library with books published in Western languages. The last room is a dissertation room which have dissertations and university publications. Among them, data in the serial publication room, reference room, and thesis room are not available for loan, so they can only be used in the library.
3. Usage time and loan method
 It is closed on Sundays, public holidays, and Saturdays during vacation, and the rest of the day starts at 9 o'clock. You have to be careful of the closing time. because the end time of the semester, vacation, and Saturday is all different. It ends at 9 p.m. during the semester, at 5 p.m. during the vacation, and at 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Loans can be made through student ID at the information desk on the first floor, and the available number of loans is limited to 20 for teachers, 10 for part-timeinstructors, employees and assistants, 15 for postgraduate students, 7 for students, and 5 for students on leave and graduates. At this time, graduates must deposit development funds for book loans, and they can use them for a year if they pay 100,000 won and for a lifetime if they pay 1 million won. In addition, the loan period for graduates is 14 days and cannot be extended. The rest are 28 days and can be extended for 7 days once. Extension is possible on the website of the Central Library, and extension is not possible if there is a reservation in the borrowed book. Lastly, if you want to return it, you can use the information desk where you borrowed it or the unmanned book return machine on the same floor.
4. Ainsam Mileage
 The Central Library is implementing 'Ainsam Mileage' to promote students' use of library services. Ainsam mileage is to give students mileage for using the library. Through this, scholarships are awarded based on the total score for one year. Mileage can be accumulated through a total of five items: book loan, e-book use, application for desired books, participation in library events, and survey responses. Also, scores may be deducted if books are overdue. It should also be noted that more than three of the five mileage items must be completed to receive the scholarship, and that books returned on the day or books borrowed while working students are working are excluded. The prize money will be 500,000 won for the first place, 300,000 won for the second to 11th places, and 100,000 won for the 12th to 31st places, respectively.
5. Book delivery service
 Unlike the electronic information library located at the bottom of the school, the central library is located in the middle of the hill to the playground as mentioned above, making it less accessible. For this reason, a book delivery service that delivers central library books to electronic information libraries is being implemented.
If you want to borrow books at the central library, you can apply for book delivery at the birch lounge on the first basement floor of the electronic information library without going to the central library. At this time, the books that you want to borrow must be owned by the Central Library among the books in the birch lounge.
6. Book curation and Instagram
 Book curation is a corner where related books are collected and displayed by selecting topics that you want to read and share with other classmates. Previously, it was conducted with themes such as "Travel", "Books that won the Literature Prize" and "Original novels made of movies and dramas" and the current theme is "Dreaming of Starting a Business in a Library". This is the second book curation in 2022 and it is supposed to run from October 4, 2022 to February 28, 2023. The Central Library also runs Instagram and recommends books to students through the content "Recommendation of Today's Books".
As such, Gachon University has been providing various services for students' reading activities. I hope you to get a scholarship at the end of the semester by reading several books and accumulating 'mileages'. In addition, each library of the central library also has a seat where you can sit and study or read, so I recommend reading here and wrap up this article.
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