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What You if you Knew You Only Had Eight Minutes to Live?A movie that tells life through science,
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You may have heard that human hearing remains for a moment after death. This is because it takes about eight minutes for the brain to stop working even after the heart stops. Therefore, I would like to introduce a movie about this short time, eight minutes from the death to the disappearance of memory, hearing, and vision.

Captain Colter Stevens, the main character, is suddenly on a train with a strange woman. He stares at the window, but his face reflected in the window is an unknown face. He had become a man named 'Sean Fentress' as if he had possessed someone else's body. While panicking in a sudden situation, the train he was riding explodes.
Here's the story. He was an Air Force soldier in Afghanistan, but he was suddenly deployed to investigate the bomb terrorism incident. His boss connected him to a quantum mechanical technology called "Source Code" to get to the bottom of the train bombings in Chicago. The Source Code is a virtual world implemented using the memory of Sean Fentress’ eight minutes before his death. It is Colter's duty to enter this virtual world, find terrorists, and get all the information he can get. After eight minutes in this source code, the train explodes, and Coulter must find out the truth by repeating these eight minutes endlessly.
While doing the same thing over and over again without even knowing why he had to carry out this mission, he finds out a shocking fact. He had already died in Afghanistan two months before, and only a part of his brain was alive, and he was being used as an experiment for the United States. After recognizing the truth, Colter gave up everything and actively carried out the mission to reveal the identity of the terrorist so that they cat arrest the criminal in the real world outside the Source Code. After completing the mission, Colter asks his boss Goodwin, who ordered the mission, to go inside the Source Code once again and let him live as Sean Fentress.
The Source Code is not a real world, because it is a virtual world based on the memory of Sean Fentress. However, Colter decides not to return to real world because he wants to be with Christina Warren, who was already dead in the real world, whom he met in the train. This is the moment when Colter, who had only followed boss Goodwin's instructions throughout the movie, makes the first choice to live his own life.

“Christina, what would you do if you knew you had less than one minute to live?”
“I'd make those seconds count.”
“I'd kiss you again.”
[He kisses her]

As Colter decides to remain in the Source Code, the real world and the Source Code are completely separated. One parallel universe was born by one human choice. The train arrived safely in Chicago without exploding, and "Sean Fentress" begins another new life with Christina.

In addition to <Source Code>, many movies such as <Doctor Strange> and <Star Trek> series deal with parallel universes. Does the parallel universe really exist like in the movie? Or is it just a figment of human imagination? Many modern scientists argue that parallel world is theoretically possible.
To understand multiverse theory, you first need to know about the four-stage taxonomy of multiverse proposed by physicist Max Tegmark. The first universe is a universe where humans are far beyond observation, but the same laws of physics apply with the universe where we live. The second universe is a universe created after the Big Bang, where physical laws that are completely different from our universe work. The third universe is the numerous worlds of quantum physics derived from Schrödinger's cat theory. Schrödinger's cat theory is a quantum mechanical theory that there are countless universes depending on the probability, but human can only observe one universe. The fourth universe is a simulation universe with a mathematical structure that is completely different from ours. Everything that consists of this universe can be expressed only in mathematics outside of physical conditions. However, there is a great diversity of opinion among scientists about the existence of the fourth universe.
Let's look closer at the second and third multiverse. First of all, the second universe operates in a different physical law with our universe based on inflation theory. Inflation theory is a theory that claims that the universe began in a space that has infinite density, expanded by the Big Bang, and became its current size. According to this theory, the universe is full of repulsive particles which is called ‘inflatons’, and inflation occurs when the energy of the inflaton field is high. If these inflaton particles change constantly and repeat expansion throughout the universe, a new universe is naturally created.
The third universe refers to countless worlds based on Schrödinger's cat theory. Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment conducted by physicist Schrödinger. The process of the experiment is as follows.

There are cat and cyanide bottles in a completely enclosed box. There is a hammer on top of the cyanide bottle, which is connected to a radiation measuring device, so when radiation is detected, the hammer falls. If the hammer falls and breaks the cyanide bottle, the cat will die of addiction. On top of the radiation measuring device, there are uranium particles that decay at a 50 percent probability once an hour. In this case, did the cat die after an hour? Or is the cat alive?

We can interpret this experiment in many ways, but what we should pay attention to is the 'many worlds interpretation' presented by quantum physicist Hugh Everett. Before opening the box, there is both a living world and a dead world for cats. And the moment humans open the box and observe it, they enter a world on one side. In other words, even if we observe, the cat's condition is not confirmed as one. We are observing only one universe among the many divided universes.

In this article, we started with the movie <Source Code> and even explored the scientific theory of the multiverse. There is still criticism of the theory of the multiverse. This is because it is difficult to understand the claim that "something that cannot be observed actually exists" with general common sense. Nevertheless, many people are constantly creating movie, book, and TV series by imagining what would happen if a parallel world existed. I hope readers who read this can imagine it once. If you were Colter Stevens in the <Source Code>, so you had only eight minutes left, what would you do for your life? 

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