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How do you want to liberate?Our liberation notes
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.12.29  15:17:22
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 We are living in a complicated society respectively. A few days ago, I saw many people sympathize with the words stating, ‘I am most tired when I feel everything that I have done so far is considered as a meaningless thing.’ Like this, we live making effort constantly in our complicated society. It seems that everything we do must be productive and meaningful. We must be liberated sometimes from the pressure. Otherwise it seems that we must run without rest. I hope Gachon university students find their own method of liberation by introducing the ‘My Liberation Notes’ characters’ liberating ways.

Before we dive into the characters in depth, I am going to introduce the dialogue in each character’s narration teaser video which describes the characters the best in my opinion. The first character I’m going to introduce is Yeom Changhee, the second oldest member of the Yeom family. Presented in his line ‘I joined to run together without desire.’, Changhee is the character running in step with the fierce society thoughtlessly. He doesn’t know his goal. The second character is Yeom Kijung, the oldest member of the Yeom family. ‘I will love anyone, literally anyone.’ Kijung is the character who is tired of being controlled in her romantic relationships, so she decides to find someone new. The third one is Yeom Mijung, the youngest of the Yeom family and the main character in this drama. ‘Are they really happy? My life is full of uneasiness.’ She is the character feeling skepticism about living as a socially adapted as she is without the person who makes her happy, even though people around her have their own lives obviously. The last one is Mr. Gu, who works with the Yeom family. ‘Is there any easier way to endure the day than drinking?’ He is the character who endures every day through drinking and starts a new job with the Yeom family instead of his original job.

I am going to tell you about each character I summarized before more in detail. At first, Yeom Changhee is evaluated as the character being the most realistic and capturing the aspects of society best. It is because Changhee resembles many people in the society who are pushed into living without an evident sense of goal for reasons such as maintaining their livelihoods. He has no desire or complaints about his position or fame even if a person disturbs his work. He holds back until his friend comes forward first, and even if there is a boss who interrupts his promotion at his office, he just gossips a little bit. After realizing ‘he doesn’t have the desire’ that he has guessed for several years, he admits that figure is his real personality without difficulty. Then he quits work and liberates escaping from unhappy and tiring life thus living freely.
Second, Yeom Kijung is unique and honest about her feelings. Kijung speaks lightly and scores others according to her standard or values. Unlike her expectations, nobody pays attention to her or has something going on with her because of her personality. She gets complaints about this situation. As it lasts long, Kijung decides to love anyone without feeling controlled anymore, and interestingly, she encounters ‘Cho Taehun’ who can fill her heart as soon as she clears her mind. Though she knows Taehun is a divorced man and has a daughter, she liberates by starting a date with him since he is the man she wants.
Third, Yeom Mijung is not honest about her feelings and doesn’t have a clear will. Contrary to Kijung, she behaves as a socially adapted person listening carefully to her peers when she talks with them. She thinks, ‘Are they laughing as they are really happy and pleasant?’ and smiles reflectingly when someone passes by. Like the lines in the prologue video, she is a calm and neutral character confident that she will be not hated even if she isn’t confident that she will be loved. So Mijung always wants a person that can awaken her feelings and spirit. Mijung’s says, ‘The person who makes her happy by just looking at him,’ is the one. Tired of living under the power of others, she requests Mr. Gu to respect her, and they maintain a good relationship. Finally, Mijung liberates thanks to meeting Mr. Gu who fills her mind.
The last character is Mr. Gu. Gu escapes from the job that harms people and lives with the Yeom family. In other words, he goes into hiding, helping to farm sanely in Mijung’s house. But since he has no acquaintances in rural areas and no one to rely on, he relies on alcohol. He drinks every day after work, and his body gets ruined because of drinking. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to quit this life and has no will or energy to push himself forcibly. However, one day, Mijung tired of social life starts a conversation requesting respect for her, and Gu becomes aware of her feelings shortly. Even though he intends to reject her request, as she has no sign of stepping back, he thinks that it is great to be in good with her for a little while and liberates with her.

So far, I have described how and where the characters in "My Liberation Notes" are liberated. Mijung, the main character of the drama, said ‘Don’t stop, don’t sink, and Find the way.’ in the teaser video before the beginning of the drama, and said ‘There was a line like that in the liberation note. Yeom Mijung's life is likely to be divided before and after meeting Gu.’ in the last episode. I hope that Gachon students will think carefully about where and how you want to liberate. 
Find an opportunity to change your life like Mijung.
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