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Elizabeth, the Empress Who Loved DeathElizabeth, the 10th Anniversary Musical
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.12.28  22:18:07
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 The musical Elizabeth celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Elizabeth, which premiered in 2012 and attracted 150,000 viewers, has won several musical awards. Moreover, it broke all records proving box office success and production emerged as a picture production. Elizabeth, which created a European musical boom in Korea, played in front of the audience at the Shinhan Card Hall in Blue Square for the first time in four years. Elizabeth's team has used the know-how accumulated over the past 10 years to make major changes to the direction, staging, choreography, costumes, and lighting. The film features the character "Der Tod (Death)" in the life of Empress Elizabeth, a representative figure of Austria, combining historical facts with fantasy elements. In this article, I'll look at the highlights of Elizabeth, the musical celebrating its 10th anniversary.

 Unlike other musicals, Elizabetah has unique story structure. It does not show Elizabeth's life from the beginning, but rather takes place 100 years after Elizabeth's assassination. Lukeni, who has been on trial for the assassination of Empress Elizabeth for 100 years, pleads to a judge that she assassinated her because she loved "Der Tod" all her life. Also, she wanted "Der Tod," arguing that he was innocent. The story begins in earnest when Lukeni goes back 100 years to assert his innocence and calls up all the dead people. The point to note here is that the character "Der Tod" appears. "Der Tod" is not an abstract concept, but a character who loves Elizabeth and follows her for the rest of her life. Even when Elizabeth falls in love and married with the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, he loves and constantly seduces her. The human expression of 'Der Tod' was very novel and could well express the life of Elizabeth. I think this character of "Der Tod" is the most fascinating element of the musical Elizabeth

 Elizabeth's liberal mind in strict imperial life was a source of conflict with her mother-in-law, Sophie. As time passed, Sophie restricted Elizabeth more and more to keep of her growing political influence in check. Also, she plotted to pretend that Emperor Joseph had an affair, causing him to distance from Elizabeth. The more this continues, the closer Elisabeth gets to Der Tod, which also appears on her son Rudolf to confront her father, Emperor Joseph. This led to a political and ideological confrontation with Emperor Joseph, and Rudolf. Moreover, Rudolf was not comforted by his mother, was eventually seduced by Der Tod, and chose to suicide. Rudolf 's suicide further alienated Elizabeth from the emperor. This case led her to travel nonstop through Europe. After son's suicide, Der Tod gave Lukeni a knife for Elisabeth, and eventually took over her.
 The death character in the musical permeated Elizabeth's daily life. The scene where she sings with him is ironic because it sounds like a conversation between lovers in love and hints at her tragic ending. In addition to Elisabeth, Der Tod intertwined with various characters such as Emperor Joseph, Grand Duchess Sophie, and Prince Rudolph, creating a mysterious and eerie atmosphere, which also gave the audience a sense of tension and immersion. Elizabeth, who wanted a free life, loved Der Tod because she lived a tormented life in the royal family. I felt Lukeni’s claim that Elizabeth wanted death was not false. Besides to the solid narrative of the piece, the ear-catching "Killing Number" and the set that recreated the Habsburg Monarchy are all fantastically combined. It made me feel like I'm in a grand history during the musical. I think people could also relate to Elizabeth's relentless struggle to preserve her identity in the restrained and controlled life of the Habsburg Monarchy. After watching musical Elizabeth, I could feel why this musical has been loved for 10 years. Elizabeth's life, fantasy elements, and excellent work are the reasons why many people come to this work. If students who have seen this article, can see Elizabeth again next year, I recommend that you look at Elizabeth’s life. 
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