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 Many of you may have heard about Seattle. But few of you would know about Kirkland, a small city next to Seattle. Maybe many people know "Kirkland" as a famous brand. Actually, I was one of those people. However, Kirkland, which is over 10 hours away from Korea, was more beautiful than I thought.

 The university where I went for a semester as an exchange student was Northwest University (NU), located next to Lake Washington. It's named because of its location in the northwest of the United States. Kirkland is a peaceful suburb next to the big city of Seattle, and NU is a small and harmonious university in peaceful Kirkland. In NU, there are various events every week, and I will introduce two of the most memorable events.

 First, there is a kind of "most popular man contest" called "Mr. Northwest" held every March. There are a total of five dormitories in NU, where one male student representing each dormitory comes out to perform talent shows and performances to be selected as the most popular man. On this day, everyone dressed up as well as the participants of the contest, took pictures, and blew off steam from the midterm test. Although the student from my dormitory was not selected as Mr. Northwest, it was a memorable event in NU.
Next event is "Evening," which most NU students wait for every year. This event is probably an event that can only be experienced at NU. The Evening is similar to the U.S. high school event, prom, where all students gather to celebrate the completion of their one-year course and party in formal dresses and suits. Some friends said they waited a year for this Evening, and the atmosphere of the university was getting excited. Most of all, the Evening was held at the Seattle Museum of Art, which was rented entirely by the university for this event. So, you can have a wonderful experience being surrounded by art works in a nice dress and suit. To me, it was a wonderful event where everyone dressed up gorgeously in a wonderful place, took photos, and danced to music until the night, leaving unforgettable memories. It was meaningful to finish the exchange students with such a wonderful event.
 These two events represent NU and can only be experienced in NU. Not only are these unforgettable events, but also there are countless precious things that make me miss Kirkland and NU, such as small but happy memories with friends and cloudy weather. Maybe I'll never forget everything I've experienced in Kirkland and NU. I think I am lucky to have been in America for a semester so that I can make unforgettable memories. I end my writing by missing Kirkland and NU.
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