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Attention, Software Talents!‘Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’, where you can find internship opportunities, officially starts in September
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Starting this September, Gachon University is planning to operate the ‘Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’, a software academy based on recruitment conditions with Kakao Enterprise. ‘Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’ is an academy that is conditional on hiring with the Kakao community. In this article, we will introduce the purpose of the ‘Gachon University's Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’ and the details of the academy that interested students must check before participating.

As the academy directly helps in finding a job, one of the biggest concerns of students and graduates of the AI-Software department at our school, you can learn through this article more about this academy that our university is promoting in cooperation with companies in the Kakao community. We hope that students will be interested in participating.

What is a 'Kakao Community'?
The Kakao Community is a corporate community that collectively refers to the 14 subsidiaries of ‘Kakao’ mobile life platform companies such as Kakao Bank, Kakao Mobility, Kakao Ventures, Kakao Games, Kakao Brain, Kakao Enterprise, Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Commerce, and Kakao Pay.

‘Fostering Professional Software Talents’
‘Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy’ is the academy with conditions for employing with the Kakao community. It is a project that provides internship opportunities for students and fostering software experts through AI and cloud education.

'Academy for Recruitment’
Most importantly, there are benefits that are only granted to students attending the academy. To some (up to 150) students who have completed the academy training course, the Kakao community offers a recruitment-linked internship along with a certificate of completion.

The details of the academy are as follows:

'Gachon University Kakao Enterprise SW Academy' recruits a total of 390 students (50-60 students with basic software competencies each semester). A total of 656 hours of curriculum will be operated each semester. During the semester, 336 hrs. of 3 subjects of a field-mirror type project (consisting of next-generation chatbot technology/data management technology/cloud and system architecture, 75% of which will be conducted as project practice training) will be conducted. During breaks, 320 hrs. of a full-time practical project presented by the company will be conducted in the academy. A ‘Kakao Mentoring Zone’ will also be installed and operated on the 6th floor of the AI Engineering Building, where presentations and feedback on SW results can be freely communicated.

 Eligible applicants: Anyone with basic SW competency is applicable.
-AI-Software department 4th year (senior year) students and graduates
-AI-Software department double major and minor (A supplementary education course of 300 hours is open for double/minor students and graduates from other schools. Also, the supplementary education course requires students to complete 3 subjects out of a total of 7 subjects designated by participating companies: machine learning, deep learning, AI math, and natural language processing.)
-Software majors from other universities: Microdegrees are awarded when software majors from other universities complete the course (a Microdegree is a degree-per-credit system that recognizes a new major if the minimum number of credits designated for each field is intensively completed in a short period of time).

 Lecturers: Faculty of AI Software at Gachon University and experts from participating companies will participate as the academy's instructors.

 Tuition: One of the great benefits of the academy is that educational expenses are provided for the participating students. (For the specific amount of the subsidy, go to http://gachon.ac.kr)

 How to participate: Notice before the course’s opening will be posted on the school website later. Gachon University Public Relations Office will announce additional details regarding the Academy course through a school news post around September, so students are strongly encouraged to take a look.

Lee Gil-yeo, president of Gachon University, said through 'Gachon University's Kakao Enterprise SW Academy', "We will nurture practical software engineers who can produce immediate results in the field through intensive project training led by companies." As such, the academy is a practical-oriented curriculum, and it is a good opportunity for students who have mainly encountered basic SW theory-centered education in school classes to improve their practical work skills with the support of the school. Therefore, it is a program that will be of great help not only to students who want to work in Kakao community companies but also to those who want to gain practical experience in the SW field.

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