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What if You Can Make the Medicine You Want?
Yang tae seok  |  mrhappyjs@naver.com
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  When people get sick or get hurt, they usually recover their health by taking medicine. But medicine doesn’t solve all diseases, all wounds, or all things. The question,“What if you can make the medicine you want?” will probably make respondents say what they want most. If you could make any medicine you want, what would you make?


Kim Seo Yeon (Department of Economics 22)


‘a medicine to turn back time’


  I wish I could go back to the time when I had regrets in my life and change it. If that happens, I won’t kick the covers at night and I won’t suffer from the shameful past.




Son Jong Bin (Department of Computer Engineering 22)


‘a medicine that makes 10 million won a day’


  One million won a day is small and 100 million won a day is likely to have a big impact on the global economy. So, I decided to get 10 million won a day. I want to eat what I want without worrying about the delivery fee.



Lee Ji Soo (Department of Computer Engineering 22)


‘a medicine that heals COVID-19 in 3 seconds’


  COVID-19 can come as a life threat to the elderly or children with low immunity. If this medicine is made, it could save many people’s lives. In addition, the precious daily life will not be disrupted by Corona, and society will regain stability.



Park Yeon Seo (Department of Computer Engineering 22)


‘hair loss treatment medicine’


  Many men are stressed by hair loss. However, there is no medicine yet to solve the fundamental problem of hair loss. If I make a hair loss treatment, I can make a lot of profit. Also, I want to receive the Nobel Peace Prize because if gives peace to people who have hair loss.



Kim Seo Young (Department of Computer Engineering 22)


‘a medicine for language acquisition’


  It takes a lot of time to learn another country’s language. It would be very convenient if I could acquire a language with just one medicine. In addition, it will be possible to accurately understand idoioms. I want to take this medicine and travel abroad.



Seo Dong hoon (Department of Computer Engineering 22)


‘a medicine for CRPS’


  I have seen CRPS patients on TV. CRPS is a rare disease that causes severe pain after minor trauma or surgery, and even a slight touch causes pain like a knife cut and burning pain. However, there is currently no medicine for the disease. I want to make a medicine for this disease and get rid of their pain as soon as possible.



  Among the answers, there were many good medicines just by imagining them. In particular, there were many answers that they wanted to make a medicine of disease that does not have medicine yet. I was surprised that there are many students who want to reduce the pain of others rather than their own interests. The things students want are not solved at once with just one medicine, but if they continue to hope and dream, they will someday be able to achieve their wishes without medicine.

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