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Did You Know About the Little Hospital in Gachon University?Medical service only for Gachon University students
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.03.21  17:58:09
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 Have you ever gotten sick or injured while at school? If you are injured, it could take a long time to get to the nearest hospital from your classroom. However, you can easily get treatment at the Gachon University's health clinic center instead of a hospital. Gachon University provides medical services to students for free in order to care for their health and well-being. One day, I started bleeding from my ear while in class and got some emergency care at the medical center. The wound was caused by my piercing, I might have a scar if I had to go to a hospital far from university. Fortunately, I could be treated at a nearby medical center and got better. I hope that Gachon University students who read this article recognize the medical center and use it when they need help.

Management and facilities of health clinics
 The medical center is located in Gachon Hall 203, the center of Gachon University. The medical center is available both during the semester and vacation. It opens from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the semester and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the vacation. Lunch time is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on weekdays. Weekends and holidays are closed. Since the Medical center is a facility for students and faculty, you must register with your school number, name, and symptoms at the information desk.
 There are several facilities in the medical center like a treatment room, counseling room, caring room, oriental medicine room, stable room, and a health situation room. Each facility can be used in different ways ’depending on the students’ purpose of visiting. Every student is able to get treatment for their illness or injury, be provided with medicine, measure body fat, take oriental medicine, measure blood pressure, height and weight in each facility. In addition, you can also receive oriental medicine treatment. Faculty members of Gil-Oriental Medicine Hospital work on every Monday and Wednesday. They provide suitable oriental-medical treatments for symptoms after a professional consultation.

Medical services of medical center

1. Body composition analysis
 Body composition analysis is a test that provides basic information so that can accurately understand the condition of body by analyzing the components of the human body. It helps the body to prevent diseases and protect health by identifying certain conditions. Body composition measurements are available whenever you want during its operating time.
2. Stress Analysis
 Analyzing stress is the latest test that can check our overall health condition such as body control ability, stress resistance, and fatigue level. You can take the examination during its operating hours. You can also have counseling about the results at the mental health clinic every Wednesday.
3. Anti-smoking clinic
 The medical center keeps trying hard to reduce smoking rates on campus and create a culture of anti-smoking by providing support services to students. They provide programs and anti-smoking aids to help students to stop smoking through continuous management with eight kinds of anti-smoking kits, anti-smoking education kits, and anti-smoking counseling. You can check the application dates at the website.
4. Preventing parasitic infection
 The medical center distributes anthelmintic drugs to students and faculty members in spring and autumn when the parasite infection rate is high. It is an effort to prevent parasite infection caused by organic vegetables, sashimi, and undercooked food.
 At the medical center, a small hospital in the university, you can use not only basic medical support but also various medical services for your healthy life. Besides, the center is willing to take care of the health of school members by holding a fatigue recovery event during the test period. When emergency treatment is needed or when you can't go to hospital due to poor condition, how about visiting the medical center at Gachon University?


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