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The Amazing Delivery Culture in KoreaForeign Student Column
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Updated : 2011.09.09  18:09:13
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The Amazing Delivery Culture in Korea
  It has already been 5 months since I’ve been here in Korea as an ex    change student. Not too long ago, I remember eating jajangmyun with a friend of mine and was very impressed by the quick delivery. I was impressed because at that time, I was very hungry and the delivery man came very quickly. The weather was very beautiful that day, and I was happy to enjoy my meal outside. When you     order something in Korea, you are satisfied because in Korea they give you extra service. When you     order a meal, they sometimes come with additional appetizers or beverages, and this makes the customers very happy. When I was back in Japan, I hardly    ordered any food because in Japan, delivery food is usually only pizza, which can be expensive, and it also takes more than an hour to deliver.
  I think the delivery service in Korea is very similar to Korea’s personality. Everything is so quick and fast if you    order something then it is delivered to you in a heartbeat. One of my favorite take-out meals is chicken, and I was greatly amazed by the fact that they delivered chicken. Sometimes I don’t feel like leaving my dormitory since the stores are all so far away. It was really nice to find out that I could    order almost any type of food I wanted to eat. I think if there were to be a chicken delivery service in Japan, it would be very successful. Whenever I tell my friends about the idea, they all think it would be a great idea. Unfortunately on the downside, eating chicken late at night isn’t always good news for your face in the morning, so that’s a big problem.
  Another big comparison between Korea and Japan is the pizza delivery system. Pizza is the only delivery food that we have in Japan, but it is too expensive. For example, if I were to    order a large sized pizza in Japan, it would cost me about 30,000won,    whereas in Korea you can    order it for half that price. Because of this high price, there aren’t many people who actually    order pizza in Japan. Can we only experience this low-priced delivery service in Korea? Are there any other countries like Korea?
  Sometimes I worry about the deliverymen because they travel so fast on their motorcycles. I love the fast service, but I do wish they would slow down a bit when they deliver. Well, if you ever come to Korea, I recommend that you experience the quick delivery service. It is a great culture that I wish my country would adopt someday.






Nanjo Masumi

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